Computer Systems Engineer (CMS)

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Computer Systems Engineer (CMS)

Roles and responsibilities
Must be a US Citizen
4 month contract position
W2 with full benefits
Must be able to pass background check and drug screen

Job Description:
Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s main website ( is currently hosted internally at JPL on physical servers. The primary technology stack is Linux, Apache and MySQL. There is a legacy, custom-built content management system (CMS) based on ColdFusion supporting the current site. The legacy CMS supports multiple content publishers. Under this task, the site and a new CMS will be implemented in Amazon Web Services (AWS) using AWS components and an OpenSource CMS. A new AWS reference architecture has been co-developed with AWS architects and the resulting infrastructure has been provisioned in AWS. This task will result in a new site with a new CMS being implemented and delivered in AWS and the populated web site exposed to the public.
Responsibilities: The web engineer will be responsible for the following. 
· Understanding the architecture and implemented system in AWS with the assistance of the OCIO System Administrators 
· Understanding the installed CMS application in AWS (now Lektor but Druplal would be an acceptable substitute) 
· Performing a detailed review/inventory of the site to understand and document all discoverable components 
· Collaborating with JPL web engineers to understand and document the current programming, templates and current content publishing process 
· Developing and documenting all templates and programming for the new site 
· Transferring the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to maintain and advance the new templates and programming to the JPL web team 
· Developing and documenting the entire, end-to-end new CMS and multi-contributor publishing and approval process 
· Transferring the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to maintain, operate and advance the CMS to the JPL web team 
· Migrating all content, services and features to the new site, including videos to be hosted in YouTube 
· Collaborating with OCIO Quality Assurance to perform functional, load and performance testing on the new site and subsequently remediate any functional, load or performance issues 
· Collaborating with JPL IT Security to pass a system scan and thereby ensure all security requirements are met and all deficiencies remediated 

Required Skills:
Understand all aspects of hosting and maintaining a major public engagement web site in AWS 
· Understand how to originate and manage AWS support tickets 
· Demonstrated experience in migrating large, public-facing web sites into AWS 
· Demonstrated experience in hosting video in YouTube linked to a web site 
· Demonstrated knowledge of and experience with production-quality, multi-contributor content management systems. 
· Demonstrated knowledge of web site IT security standards, practices and protective measures. 
· Demonstrated quality of delivered documentation 
· Demonstrated ability to transfer knowledge, skills, practices and tools to web site team 

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