Flight Software Lead

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Flight Software Lead

Roles and responsibilities
Must be US Citizen
On going contract position
W2 with full benefits
Must be able to pass background check and drug screen

Job Description:
Evaluate the candidate spacecraft operating systems and applications and design and implement a comprehensive flight software suite based on one of these candidates.  The candidate code bases under consideration include: 
Linux and its system services and standard application software and languages with mission-specific applications to be written in house, 
the Goddard Space Flight Center’s Core Flight Software System and its Core Flight Executive, Libraries, and Applications, 
third party operating systems and application programs for flight software including potentially Advanced Solutions, Inc.  Establish a plan for integrating software that accompanies the various commercial electronic subsystems into a cohesive package for the MMO spacecraft.  Integrate the software for each subsystem, either written by the commercial vendors and/or modified by the MMO cognizant engineers responsible for those subsystems, or exclusively by the MMO cognizant engineers, into a coherent MMO flight software package.  Supervising, coordinating, guiding, and reviewing any flight software the MMO engineering staff develops for their subsystems.  Support development and execution of the comprehensive test plan for verification and validation of the flight software.  Develop a plan for ground data system software adaptation or new development, at an appropriate time within the mission development schedule.  Establish and maintain documentation describing the flight software including user’s manuals, wiki’s, test and flight operations procedures and design descriptions for reviews as appropriate.

Required Skills:
Python, Linux and C/C++.  Previous work on embedded systems.  The Flight Software Lead must be able to work collaboratively, communicating both verbally and in writing with the rest of the engineering team who will be assisting with the software development.  They must be able to design and architect software systems from low level embedded hardware interfaces through higher level functions such as communications, scheduling, and fault recovery.  They must demonstrate good coding discipline with regard to addressing requirements, documenting work in comments, manuals, and test plans, and adhering to industry standard practices.  Experience working in a small team demonstrating collaboration, leadership and hands-on execution.

Desired Skills:
CubeSat experience or previous small/micro satellite experience is highly desired.  Similar experience from other robotic systems would also be acceptable.  Engineering or science degree preferred. 5+ years of hands on experience strongly preferred.  Familiarity with deep space missions and fault protection is desired but not required.  Familiarity with the software functionality of the major subsystem elements including attitude control, communications, scheduling, power management, and soft or hard real time applications.  Experience with FPGA based System on Chip architectures and software defined radios.

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