Sr. Analog Electronics Engineer

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Sr. Analog Electronics Engineer

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Must be US Citizen
On going contract position
W2 with full benefits
Must be able to pass background check and drug screen

Job Description:
The Senior Analog Electronics Engineer works alongside the Senior Digital Electronics Engineer to complete system-level and board-level hardware design for cameras and digital image/video processing and storage systems on interplanetary orbiters, landers, and rovers and earth-orbiting space systems. The cameras will use a variety of sensors, including CCDs, CMOS active-pixel sensors, and microbolometer arrays for imaging in the visible spectrum and beyond.

The electronics design team also includes the Lead Designer/Systems Engineer, Mechanical/Thermal Engineer, Software Engineer, and PCB Layout Designer. 

Required Skills:
• Architect signal chains for buffering and digital conversion of high-dynamic range, low noise, video outputs from analog image sensors.
• Implement and analyze/optimize linear and switching power supplies for your own analog circuits and to meet the requirements of digital circuits; Validate control loop stability and other power integrity parameters.
• Design analog clock drivers and motor driver circuits.
• Design power distribution networks for digital designs to minimize ground bounce.
• Evaluate and select radiation-tolerant components.
• Use schematic capture tools (Altium Designer) to capture designs. 
• Simulate analog circuits using PSpice (or equivalent) tools.
• Produce power estimates for all analog loads in the system and characterize power converter efficiency; integrate power estimates from the Digital Electronics Engineer and work with the Thermal Engineer to mitigate thermal concerns.
• Perform worst-case analysis for all analog and power circuits.
• Perform electronic parts stress analysis to validate derating margins across entire design.
• Specify and direct EMI/EMC testing in-house and at third-party vendor sites.
• Design cable harnessing to support thermal and thermal-vacuum tests.
• Work alongside PCB Layout Designer to specify PCB stack-ups and provide feedback on component placement and routing.
• Evaluate susceptibility of design to cumulative and single-event radiation effects and develop mitigation where needed.
• Write reports and presentations for design, validation, and analyses.
• Present and defend all aspects of design and analysis at internal peer reviews, and customer reviews. 

Desired Skills:
• Experience with distributed power systems for space platforms (i.e. 28V isolated-secondary power converters, single-point grounding, grounding approaches for multi-shielded cable harnesses, ESD bleed).
• Experience with extremely low-noise/high dynamic range analog systems, especially correlated double-sampling imaging systems with synchronization of noise sources.
• Knowledge of visible and infrared sensor physics.
• Experience with component engineering (packaging, screening, qualification) per military and space standards.

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