Sr. Metrology Engineer

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Sr. Metrology Engineer

Roles and responsibilities
Must be a US Citizen
18 month contract position
W2 with full benefits
Must be able to pass background check and drug screen

Job Description:
The Senior Metrology Engineer is responsible for the management and control of all systems, devices, equipment and items requiring calibration at NASA JPL Facility. You will share your optical knowledge of optics with other engineering concepts, such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and com¬puter engineering, to determine applications and build devices using optics technology. As senior Optical engineers you are responsible for design of precision optical systems for cameras, telescopes, or lens systems. Work with JPL project team to determine the required specifications and make adjustments to calibrate and fine-tune optical devices. You also design and develop circuitry and components for devices that use optical technology The Senior Metrology Engineers primary role is day-to-day technical management of the calibration/metrology program. 
•Maintain Laboratory Quality Management systems that is compliant to ANSI/NCSL Z540.1, ISO 9001:2008 or ISO-17025. 
•Develop procedures and methods, review, revise, document and maintain calibration systems, based on principles of measurement science, technical analysis of measurement problems and accuracy per JPL’s requirements. 
•Perform: o Engineering and statistical analyses of equipment and historical data to determine appropriate calibration intervals to meet reliability goals o Analysis, evaluation and document measurement uncertainty and laboratory capability 
•Analyze requirements for optical/laser measurement standards and make recommendations for purchase. 
•Analyze measurement data to identify abnormalities, trends and or predicting future values. 
•Apply measurement science, mathematics, physics and engineering to design and develop systems, equipment and methods of calibrating electrical, dimensional, optical, physical, mechanical, environmental, and/or chemical inspection, measurement and test equipment. 
•Train calibration technicians to ensure compliance with National and Internal Standards. 
•Having knowledge in procedure writing/editing for automatic calibration procedures. 
•Maintain full compliance with ANSI/NCSL Z540.1.

Required Skills:
•Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Optical Engineering, Physics, or Computer Science with 6 years of related experience in metrology or manufacturing; Master's degree with 4 years of related experience; or PhD with 2 years of related experience. 
•Extensive knowledge and experience in the area of Optical/Photometric Metrology with additional knowledge of RF/DC Low Frequency or ElectroMechanical Metrology. 
•Experience with Optical instrumentation (i.e. Spectroradiometers, optical power meters, optical spectrum analyzers, thermal imaging cameras) 
•Design of laser calibration system & develop Calibration/Performance verification procedures and/or software programing of laser tracking station, alignment of laser tracker to multiple targets, and coordination of tests interleaved between other space flight systems. 
•Design and, develop advanced metrology techniques, and provide training and engineering support to equipment users. 
•Must be able to author metrology measurement techniques and procedures, including the development of applied measurement uncertainty ratios used in metrology. 
•Must be able to work independently, and as a member of a team. 
•Advanced written and verbal communication and organizational skills.

Desired Skills:
•Strong cross-disciplinary engineering capability. 
•The successful candidate will work with electronics engineers, software engineers, and mechanical engineers to design, build, test measurement systems. 
•10-15 years' experience in Optical/Photometry/DC Low Frequency/RF/Microwave/Electro-Mechanical Metrology preferred. 
•Strong knowledge of instrument manufacturers and independent suppliers of (IMTE). 
•In-depth knowledge of Metrology Engineering principles. 
•Experience in design and fabrication of electrical systems (examples: time and frequency distribution systems, life safety systems), and the ability to read and interpret technical specifications and blueprints. 
•Working knowledge of Calibration, Equipment Management Software, and Microsoft Office Tools. 

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