Engineering Applications SW Engineer

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Engineering Applications SW Engineer

Roles and responsibilities
Must be a US Citizen
12 month contract position
W2 with full benefits
Must be able to pass background check and drug screen

Job Description:
You will be a member of the Mission Systems Reasoning, Modeling and Cyber Defense Group (393K) and report to the Group Supervisor. You will facilitate the advancement of the Data Science community at JPL by developing a coherent approach to data extraction for synthesis into machine learning and artificial intelligence software applications. This challenging position requires analyzing free form representations of information in an automated way. You will apply deep neural network techniques to scalable machine learning algorithms. This position also requires experience in both signal processing and data analytics. You will use developed machine learning algorithms to extract knowledge from data for presentation in a coherent manner to humans in the loop. In addition to the big data problem, new challenges have arisen in our field that require inference, decisionmaking, and data/model integration to solve problems that demand probabilistic uncertainty assessment. JPL has an existential need for extracting knowledge from large sets of free form data by using machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate decision-making and you can be a large part of solving these and other related problems.

Required Skills:
-Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Data Science, Computer Engineering with 3 years of related experience. Masters with 1 year of related experience. PhD with 0 years of related experience. 
-Python, Statistics, Probability and Linear Algebra
-Linear Regression and Time Series
-Types of Data and Exploratory Data Analysis
-Decision Trees, Conditional Trees
-Ensemble Techniques
-Big Data & Hadoop Ecosystem
-HDFS Architecture
-Story Telling with Data
-Naïve Bayes
-NLP Text Clustering/NLTK
-Deploying Data Science products
-With deep neural networks, signal processing and data analytics is a must.
-In machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.
-With machine learning tools (e.g. Matlab, SciPy, NumPy, etc.)
-Designing and developing complete components of software tools for data analytics.
-Developing and combining complex data analysis techniques and methods for specific applications.
-Designing and developing software applications.
-Applying and combining current and emerging techniques and tools in novel ways.

Desired Skills:
-Proven decision-making and problem-solving skills, including the ability to identify and establish task priorities and to manage change.
-Strong commitment to customer satisfaction with effective teamwork and leadership skills
-Broad knowledge of applicable Laboratory policies and procedures, NASA policies and procedures, and government regulations.
-Demonstrated experience leading multidisciplinary, cross-organizational teams.
-Knowledge of a wide variety of open source technologies
-Excellent interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills, including the ability to effectively communicate complex ideas to both expert and nontechnical audiences. 

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