Entry-Level Flight Operations Engineer

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Entry-Level Flight Operations Engineer

Roles and responsibilities
Must be a US Citizen
Ongoing contract position
W2 with full benefits
Must be able to pass background check and drug screen

Job Description:
On-Console Engineer (OCE) Under the technical direction of the Operations Manager the OCE shall, 
•Conduct routine mission specific real-time spacecraft/satellite flight operations for the Aqua, Aura or Terra missions, in accordance with the EOS Flight Operations Team’s established Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and best practices. 
      o Configure the ground system for passes and other activities o Monitor spacecraft telemetry       o Uplink daily loads to the spacecraft (ephemeris/NAV & stored command loads)
      o Run console operations for special events, such as drag make-up maneuvers or inclination       maneuvers, as scheduled 
•Implement the daily operations plans required to collect and deliver mission science and engineering data. 
      o Manage the on-board solid state recorder and ensure that all science data is captured on the ground 
•Perform any real-time planning or re-planning necessary to mitigate mission or data risks incurred by flight-segment or ground-segment anomalies. 
      o Take appropriate action when limit alerts are received 
•Verify flight system configuration and monitor and evaluate flight system and component state-of-health during real time spacecraft contacts.
•Train new team members to become flight certified. Review and update online documentation (SOPs). 
•Perform hardware, software and interface tests as directed by the Operations Manager 
•Develop basic detailed plans and procedures for mission support in areas such as, satellite performance analysis, command and control of on-orbit satellite, orbit dynamics, and mission planning activities if necessary 
•Complete special subsystem analysis assignments 
•Perform all other duties as assigned. 

Required Skills:
Bachelors Degree in engineering, physical science, mathematics or computer science or equivalent experience

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