Scientific Communications Editor

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Scientific Communications Editor

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Columbus Technologies and Services Inc. is a strategic supplier and business partner to the federal government and its key suppliers.  Through our partnership with the National Institutes of Health, Columbus offers administrative, IT, engineering, scientific, and healthcare professionals the opportunity to work with one of the most prestigious research organizations in the world.  We are currently seeking a Scientific Communications Editor to work onsite with the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD.

This is a long-term contract position which offers:
 - Competitive salary 
 - Tremendous growth opportunity
 - Opportunity to work at NIH, the world's foremost medical research center
 - Learn more about what Columbus can do for you at

Job Description:
•Provide a range of communications, writing and operational support services for various activities of the Correspondence and Clearance Branch (CCB), OCPL. 
•Serve as project manager under direction of CCB’s branch chief and staff to execute a number of projects aimed at improving CCB’s systems and processes, and to build re-sources useful to OCPL staff and others across NCI in meeting communications challenges.
•Coordinate operational activities to support internal communications initiatives for CCB across OCPL and streamline operational processes to ensure more efficient and effective communication and coordination.
•Serve as an advisor and close collaborator to various leaders and staff in NCI’s Divisions, Offices and Centers on policy issues and effective communications strategies and tactics to promote NCI’s policies and goals.
•Coordinate and assist in development and review of NCI’s responses to Congressional inquiries and other miscellaneous correspondence and reports.
•Coordinate, lead and serve as liaison with ongoing communication and collaboration efforts between CCB and OCPL offices.
•Prepare and/or oversee the preparation of correspondence, reports or other documents on specialized subjects/topics.
•Coordinate the development of responses to a wide range of inquiries to the National Cancer Institute and its leaders from the research community and the general public.
•Conduct formal, and informal, qualitative, and quantitative evaluations of CCB’s work to inform process and outcome improvements. 
•Collect, analyze and interpret data, results and findings on a variety of communications topics; prepare summaries and reports as requested.
•Ensure that all correspondence and other written material produced is accurate, clear, concise, audience-appropriate, free of grammatical errors, and consistent with available guidance and NCI messages on a wide variety of topics. 
•Provide writing, editing, proofreading and copyediting support to staff in CCB and OCPL’s Office of Cancer Content as requested.
•Develop dissemination tools such as email messages, website content, official documents, mailings, talking points, and PowerPoint presentations. 
•Utilize existing resources and processes to track incoming and outgoing correspondence and action items for the NCI Director, participate in the development of new tools, processes, and systems for same. 
•Coordinate with OCPL’s branches and offices to identify, collect and share information useful to staff in planning and implementing communications activities.  
•Participate in the review and clearance of NCI-developed material for public dissemination, including content and presentation, using sound judgment, tact, and diplomacy to convey necessary changes and recommendations to authors, designers, and submitters. 
•Coordinate and monitor production of and/or write and disseminate specific communications materials.
•Engage with staff across OCPL to build understanding of CCB’s functions. 
•Apply a proactive approach in a deadline-oriented workplace in managing multiple and often high-priority projects with short and overlapping timelines.
•Attend meetings and seminars to identify new research, communications, policy developments and activities that may impact CCB tasks and functions.

Required Skills:
•Master’s degree in a related discipline; two (2) years of specialized experience plus a Bachelor’s degree is equivalent to a Master’s degree.
•Minimum of three (3) years of experience in health communications.
•Knowledge and understanding of the field of communications and best practices
•Experience in planning and supporting communications activities.
•Ability to communicate clearly and effectively in interpersonal and formal settings, including oral and written communication.
•Project management skills and ability to set priorities, develop work plans, monitor progress and meet deadlines.
•Knowledge and understanding of operational planning for an organization.
•Demonstrated ability to prioritize multiple projects and meet deadlines.
•Skill in monitoring relevant issues that may impact the organization and analyze and evaluate all available information and apply seasoned judgment to recommend a plan of action.
•Knowledge of the NCI, and the resources available within NCI’s Divisions, Offices and Centers.
•Strong communications skills, both oral and written.
•Excellent analytical, organizational and time management skills.

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