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Communications Editor

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Columbus Technologies and Services Inc. is a strategic supplier and business partner to the federal government and its key suppliers. Through our partnership with the National Institutes of Health, Columbus offers administrative, IT, engineering, scientific, and healthcare professionals the opportunity to work with one of the most prestigious research organizations in the world. We are currently seeking Communications Editor to work onsite with the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD.

This is a long-term contract position which offers:
 - Competitive salary 
 - Tremendous growth opportunity
 - Opportunity to work at NIH, the world's foremost medical research center
 - Learn more about what Columbus can do for you at

Job Description:
•Serve as a strategic advisor to various leaders and staff in NCI’s Divisions, Offices and Centers (DOCs) about effective communications strategies and tactics and how OCPL can support these communications initiatives.
•Function as a Communications Lead and clarify and define new projects that come to OCPL, work across OCPL’s three offices with various staff as team members, manage project timing, next steps and coordinate NCI launches.
•Plan, develop, and implement innovative strategic communications plans to communicate information about cancer research initiatives and public health issues to ensure that new discoveries, clinical trials and NCI research initiatives are disseminated to NCI audiences: researchers and health professionals, cancer-related organizations and associations, cancer advocacy groups, Congress and other federal government health officials, and the public, as appropriate. 
•Collaborate with assigned NCI DOCs, and OCPL offices and branches to ensure that “discovery” in NCI-supported laboratories and clinical trials are disseminated to health professionals, the public and other audiences.
•Track and become well versed in issues relating to the assigned NCI DOCs to be able to work across OCPL and advise staff on key priorities and messages with related initiatives. 
•Serve as the primary point-of-contact for assigned DOCs and provide assistance to navigate OCPL and its services.
•Collaborate across OCPL with staff members; form teams, hold kick-off or follow-up meetings, arrange and lead meetings within OCPL and externally, meet with senior-level NCI program directors to discuss communications planning.
•Apply a proactive approach in a deadline-oriented workplace in managing multiple and often high-priority projects with similar launch timing.
•Provide expertise in the development and coordination of strategic communications plans and creative briefs related to specific priorities, scientific findings or programs; write communications plans, get approval from DOCs and lead overall coordination/implementation across OCPL.    
•Coordinate with and advise OCPL’s press officers, writers, social media team and others in recommending specific research projects or study results for promotion via a press re-lease, social media, web content, event, or other method.
•Provide advice on the appropriateness of media interviews and the selection of DOC individuals to be interviewed; collaborate to track media inquiries and coverage (including national and international television, radio, and print outlets, and trade publications) of research to inform future direction of media planning. 
•Prepare weekly reports detailing status of communications activities with assigned DOCs.
•Attend scientific meetings and seminars to identify new research developments and activities, including publication/announcement of research results, launching of clinical trials or initiatives involving new technologies, and others. Must identify self as a contractor.

Required Skills:
•Master’s degree in a related field. Two (2) years of specialized experience plus a BA/BS degree is equivalent to a Master’s degree.
•Ten (10) years of experience in a related field.
•Knowledge and understanding of the field of communications and best practices.
•Experience in planning and supporting communications activities, with special emphasis on providing guidance in the area of cancer communications.
•Ability to communicate clearly and effectively in interpersonal and formal settings, including oral and written communication.
•Ability to work and interact with individuals at various levels of the organization, including senior leadership.
•Project management skills and ability to set priorities, develop work plans, and monitor progress.
•Knowledge and understanding of operational planning for an organization.
•Demonstrated ability to prioritize multiple projects, turn around projects quickly, and meet deadlines.
•Skill in monitoring relevant issues that may impact the organization and analyze and evaluate all available information and apply seasoned judgment to recommend a plan of action.
•Knowledge of the NCI, its mission, and the functions of its Divisions, Offices and Centers

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