High Voltage Power SME

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High Voltage Power SME

Roles and responsibilities
Must be a US Citizen
6 month contract position
W2 with full benefits
Must be able to pass background check and drug screen

Job Description:
Will provide High Voltage subject matter expert support to the design, development, testing and qualifications of materials, components, assemblies and subsystems destined for NASA/JPL spacecraft flight use on radar instruments, telecom subsystems and other instruments. Assemblies include power supplies, Extended Interaction Klystron, Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers, antennas and antenna feeds. Components include high voltage and low voltage transformers and inductors, isolators, filters, cables, circuit boards, waveguides, wires, connectors, switches, resistors, capacitors and diodes. Materials include insulators, dielectrics, potting compounds, staking compounds, wire and surface prep assembly compounds used in low voltage electronics, and high voltage stand-off.
Initial task work will be insight and oversight of High Voltage Transformer rework at Robert M Hadley Company in Ventura, CA. The rework includes test and qualification of high voltage transformers and test and qualification of new build high voltage transformers for the SWOT spacecraft 14kv pulsed radar power supply. On sight support at Hadley in Ventura California will be 3 to 5 days per week. Knowledge of Mil-STD 981 and MIL-PRF27 is desirable, specifically familiarity with high voltage wire, potting, partial discharge testing, and MIL-PRF-27 life testing.

Required Skills:
-PhD degree with 4+ years work experience, or MA/MS degree with 10+ years work experience, or BA/BS degree with 12+ years work experience. 
-Extensive experience in high voltage (power generation to 20KV and above). 
-Demonstrated experience in space flight hardware design with the ability design and solve technical problems in the area of low voltage and high voltage power supplies. 
-Experience developing high voltage power supplies with expert knowledge in applying dielectrics (solid, fluid, and pressurized gases) in extreme environments, under very high field stress with long operating life; experience developing and analyzing magnetics for high voltage systems, knowledge of partial discharge and breakdown (ionization and multipaction).
-Demonstrated experience in the development of space flight hardware including the documentation and evaluation involved in delivering space flight electronic hardware; the ability to perform worst-case analysis, parts stress analysis and single event transient analysis on this hardware. 
-Significant packaging design and analysis skill to accommodate high voltage systems within small volumes while meeting mechanical and thermal constraints. 
-Knowledge of high-voltage handling and safety practices

Desired Skills:
-Low voltage power supply design for space flight missions Knowledge of Mil-STD 981 and MIL-PRF-27 is desirable, specifically familiarity with high voltage wire, potting, partial discharge testing, and MIL-PRF27 life testing. 
-Familiarity with Altium layout and design is desired. 
-Ability to interface with project engineers and explain high power test results 

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