Atmospheric Scientist

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Atmospheric Scientist

Roles and responsibilities

Must be a US Citizen
27 month contract position
W2 with full benefits
Must be able to pass background check and drug screen

Job Description:
The candidate will play a fundamental role in the NASA AIRS mission, in a NASA MAP project, and in a future PBL mission recommended for incubation studies by the 2018 Earth Science Decadal Survey. NASA AIRS mission: For the AIRS project, Dr. Kurowski will work on two topics. He will help develop the AIRS simulator framework by creating a variety of virtual case-studies for the Earth’s atmosphere using the high-resolution Large- Eddy Simulation (LES) model. He will also couple the LES model (and potentially other atmospheric models as well) to the AIRS forward radiative transfer model to obtain L1 radiances that can be compared to AIRS L1 radiances. This work will lead to model evaluation studies using AIRS data but also to a better understanding of the full capabilities of the AIRS measurements and hopefully to more realistic AIRS retrievals of level 2 products such as temperature, water vapor and clouds. In addition, the plan is for Dr. Kurowski to work on the applications side of the AIRS project as well. He will work with a team with expertise in atmospheric composition and AIRS retrievals to develop a system using both atmospheric models and AIRS observations to help locate the surface sources and sinks of atmospheric constituents.

NASA MAP Project: Dr. Marcin Kurowski will perform a variety of LES simulations and will analyze the LES output to help support the development of more realistic parameterizations of turbulence, convection and clouds in the NASA GEOS atmospheric model.

PBL Strategic R&TD Project: The 2018 Earth Science Decadal Survey recommended a potential PBL mission for incubation studies. Following the Decadal Survey, 8X has decided to put together a Strategic R&TD focused on PBL studies for the next three fiscal years (starting FY19). Dr. Kurowski will play a key role in this upcoming Strategic R&TD by being responsible for the development of virtual PBL profiles from LES simulations for a variety of PBL types (e.g. dry PBL over land, Stable PBL over Antarctic, stratocumulus PBL over ocean); and for part of the implementation of forward models (GPS, radar, IR, MW, visible) for L1 simulation.

Required Skills:
-Extensive knowledge in high-resolution numerical models of Earth atmosphere.
-Intimate knowledge in Large-Eddy-Simulation (LES) method.
-Extensive experience in developing and testing the LES models.
-Extensive experience in developing atmospheric models.
-Extensive knowledge and experience in cloud and boundary layer dynamics.
-Technical writing and presentation.
-Experience in analyzing AIRS retrieved data products.

Desired Skills:
-Knowledge in climate models and weather forecast models.
-Knowledge in satellite remote sensing method and data.

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