Embedded Flight Software Engineer

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Embedded Flight Software Engineer

Roles and responsibilities
18 month contract position
**Contract Extension or Conversion Possible**
W2 with full benefits
Customer and contract specific training will be required and provided.

Job Description:
Will be an embedded flight software developer for the Avionics subsystem of the Europa Clipper mission. The development activities covers all lifecycle phases from software system engineering, requirements definition, design, implementation, unit testing and integration testing using simulations and avionics hardware. Specific responsibilities include:
•Working with the FSW architect and cognizant engineer to generate software requirements and design of the flight software components that meet the space/time partitioned criteria.
•Working with the Europa avionics and mission system engineers in defining project specific software requirements for the various subsystem domains.
•Designing software modules that implement the functions of the Avionics subsystem that include flight system hardware/software interfaces, boot process, C&DH functions, System Fault Protection, and other subsystem applications (e.g., GNC, Power, Thermal, etc.) in both nominal and offnominal scenarios. The FSW cognizant engineer and Product Delivery Lead will assign specific modules for development based on individuals’ experience and knowledge in these domain areas.
•Developing and delivering the subsystem flight software modules in C per the design.
•Working with the FSW Integration and Test lead to define verification items, test procedures, test execution, and delivery of the integrated software products.

Required Skills:
•Must be a US Citizen or Green Card Holder
•Offer contingent on ability to successfully pass a background check and drug screen
•Typically requires a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or related discipline with a minimum of 6 years of related experience; a Master’s degree in similar disciplines with a minimum of 4 years of related experience.
•Knowledge of principles, theories, concepts and hands-on programming techniques in:
-Developing, modifying, debugging, releasing and maintaining real-time embedded software systems for mission-critical, aerospace applications.
-Developing embedded real-time application programs utilizing RTOS with Time and Space partitioned features.
-Developing application programs for the various functional domains (e.g., CDH, GNC, etc.) for execution in the Rad750 processor.
-Device driver development and software/hardware interfaces for both custom and commercial hardware. Debugging software/hardware interactions and possible failure modes.
-Distributed computing and inter-process communication mechanisms in a space partitioned software architecture.
-Communication buses and protocols: PCI/PCIe, 1553, Ethernet.
•Experience with Avionics subsystem and integrated flight hardware.

Desired Skills:
•Hands on experience in developing application programs using the Green Hills Integrity RTOS with Enhanced Partition Scheduler (EPS) and the associated software tool chain (Multi) to implement Time and Space partitioned embedded real-time applications.
•Hands on knowledge and experience with software development processes, standards, and practices such as CMMI.
•System engineering experience in generating, tracking and proving successful implementation of requirements.
•Experience with software development for space missions in an environment like JPL.

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