Chemical/Mechanical Engineer

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Chemical/Mechanical Engineer

Roles and responsibilities
14 month contract position
W2 with full benefits
Customer and contract specific training will be required and provided.

Job Description:
As an Electrical, Chemical or Mechanical Engineer in the Thermal Energy Conversion Applications & Systems group at JPL, you will investigate, plan, design and develop electro-mechanical products and systems such as thermoelectric (TE) power and cooling systems, radioisotope-driven TE
systems supporting NASA’s Radioisotope Power Systems (RPS) technology development program, hybrid solar power systems, thermal energy storage systems, and hybrid TE/thermodynamic cycle systems associated with spacecraft and terrestrial power systems. You will also be involved with chemical environment assessments within chambers associated with these systems. Working closely with Technologists and Research Scientists, you will:

•Be responsible for the design, analysis, fabrication, assembly, functional and environmental testing, and delivery of CAD-based system designs, analyses, design and analysis reports, test reports, test plans, test hardware, and drawing packages associated with our various system designs.
•Perform chemical environment analysis of RPS technologies using appropriate industry-standard tools.
•Develop documentation for TE power / cooling systems, radioisotope-driven TE systems, hybrid solar power systems, thermal energy storage systems, hybrid TE/thermodynamic cycle systems, such as risk analyses, drawings, and review products.
•Develop requirements and track documentation.
•Participate in all levels of review required during the development of spacecraft and terrestrial power system design, test, demonstration, and deployment.
•Support as needed the development of new waste heat recovery thermoelectric converters for vehicle and stationary applications for other Agencies (DOE, DoD) and industry.
•Contribute to designing, fabricating and assembling thermoelectric devices and converters.
•Use technical background and CAD tools to help design device structures capable of surviving thermally induced stresses during fabrication and operation.
•Interface with other engineers performing detailed finite element analyses in support of the technology development.
•Support test plan development and test hardware design, analysis and fabrication. Perform thermal, thermoelectric, structural and chemical tests, obtain and analyze test data, reduce and correlate test data with appropriate analytic models.
•Explore other technology development opportunities. Write papers and present at conferences consistent with developing as a subject matter expert.
•Support and participate as a subject matter expert in the development of new concept and proposal development, to devise and validate solutions to technical challenges, and to provide supporting analyses and other contributions to proposals and concept studies.

Required Skills:
•Must be a US Citizen or Green Card Holder
•Offer contingent on ability to successfully pass a background check and drug screen
•Requires a PhD or Master’s degree in Electrical, Chemical and/or Mechanical Engineering or similar technical discipline.
•Demonstrated knowledge/experience working with and the application of Semiconductors
•Demonstrated knowledge/experience in Thermomechanical Design of Thermal Energy and Power Systems for near-earth and deep-space spacecraft, space habitat, small robotics, and terrestrial applications.
•Demonstrated knowledge/experience in Experimental Design of Thermal and Mechanical Systems to demonstrate various dynamic and solid state energy conversion metrics, technologies, and systems (supporting above bullets) in near-earth and deep-space spacecraft, space habitat, small robotics, and terrestrial applications.
•Demonstrated knowledge/experience in Thermomechanical Design of Solar / Thermodynamic Power Cycles for near-earth and deep-space spacecraft, space habitat, small robotics, and terrestrial applications.
•Demonstrated introductory-to-expert capability in chemical kinetics of various materials in closed / open environments, chemical reactions of dissimilar materials, and chemical analysis of environments using industry-standard computational tools.
•Good communication skills both informally and in formal presentations and review settings.

Desired Skills:
•Multi-disciplinary knowledge of Mechanical Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Electrical Engineering, and Experimental Design and Analysis applicable to future mechanical dynamic, thermal, and power experimental and analytic requirements in spacecraft and power systems.
•Publications in the above fields supporting the business and technical objectives of the Thermal Energy Conversion Applications and Systems group in near-earth and deep-space spacecraft, space habitat, small robotics, and terrestrial applications.
•Strong working capability in COMSOL, ANSYS, Matlab/Simulink, & SolidWorks software to support thermomechanical analysis and model generation as part of the work elements discussed above.
•Ability to develop and support proposals to create and pursue internal NASA – JPL work and outside work opportunities (with DOE, DoD agencies, DARPA, industrial clients and companies) in the fields, technologies, and systems discussed above.

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