Engineering Technical Specialist

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Engineering Technical Specialist

Roles and responsibilities
18 month contract position
W2 with full benefits
Customer and contract specific training will be required and provided.

Job description:
Will assemble, test and document various RF and microwave circuits associated with Deep Space Network (DSN) transmitter and receiver systems
Will design, fabricate and test Deep Space Network (DSN) low noise amplifiers, cryogenic systems, horn antennas, microwave hardware systems
and associated components. The job will involve hands on work in mechanical, electrical and computer control of large complicated systems.
Will analyze and provide reports for new receiver hardware implementations including evaluation of RF components and subsystems. Will perform
assembly and testing of high sensitivity low-noise amplifier systems for various applications including the DSN and R&D.
As an Engineering Technical Specialist II, you will be working for Applied Electromagnetics Group, which provides engineering services that include
the following: fabrication of electronics (boards and cables/harnesses), microelectronic hardware; electronic packaging, manufacturing engineering
and electronic hardware thermal/structural analysis; advanced electronic packaging engineering, technical facilities management and cleanroom
services; cryogenics systems assembly and troubleshooting.
• Perform printed wiring board electronic assembly, hybrid, hand soldering, connector pin crimping, cabling, chassis wiring, microelectronic assembly,
mechanical assembly, and chassis wiring for various transmitter and receiver systems.
• Draft mechanical drawings using CAD software.
• Support the design engineer in assessing and recommending design modifications.
• Analyze test data and present results.
• Assemble and test cryogenic systems including dewars, cold heads, compressors and vacuum pumps.
• Perform minor machining jobs in the Group’s machine shop.

Required Skills:
• Typically requires a High School diploma with a minimum of 6 years of related experience or related required training.
• Advanced knowledge of electronic and mechanical fabrication techniques to fabricate and assemble complex mechanical, electronic, electromechanical,
hybrid, cable harness assembly and microelectronics systems, devices, fixtures, parts or equipment.
• Experience with mechanical design and fabrication
• Possesses creativity and is capable to innovate.
• Advanced understanding of work techniques, applicable policies, procedures and practices in planning, setup, repair and/or modification of
mechanical, electronic or electro-mechanical systems, experimental design circuitry, prototype models or specialized test equipment.
• Experience in working from schematics, rough sketches, diagrams, layouts or plans often requiring interpretation.
• Possesses computer aided drafting skills
• Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a team environment.
• Participated on teams within and outside of own organization.

Desired Skills:
• Demonstrated skills in some computer language.
• Experience assembling and testing cryogenic systems
• Experience with computer aided design/analysis and automation tools such as Matlab and Labview.
• Extensive experience in working in cleanroom environments and ESD workstations.

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