Engineering Technical Specialist

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Engineering Technical Specialist

Roles and responsibilities
12 month contract position
W2 with full benefits
Customer and contract specific training will be required and provided.

Job Description:
Will lead the development of a prototype infrared point spectrometer called SWAMI (Short Wave And Mid-infrared Investigation). SWAMI will identify and characterize 0H/H20 silicates in primitive bodies. There are several activities that the candidate will perform including the following:
1. Integrate the JPL’s thermopile and BIRD detectors into the focal plane package.
      a. Critical to this work is to fully characterize the readout integrated circuits (ROICs) used for both detector technologies.
2. Complete the designing and implementation of the wiring of the focal plane package into the instrument.
      a. Design must be immune to EMI.
3. Complete the thermal design of the instrument and demonstrate thermal control.
4. Integrate new focal plane package and optics into the instrument and perform end-to-end performance of the instrument.

Required Skills:
•Must be a US Citizen or Green Card Holder
•Offer contingent on ability to successfully pass a background check and drug screen..
•THERMAL ENGINEERING: SWAMI utilizes a Ricor N508 microcyrocooler that reaches a base temperature of 60 K. The thermopile detector must be held at 200 K and the BIRD detector must be held at 115K. This work demands that one knows how to design a thermal environment to
accommodate the two different temperature of each detector technology. Moreover, it’s necessary to design and implement radiation shielding and wiring harnesses that minimize stray heat loads.
•OPTICAL ENGINEERING: SWAMI is a point spectrometer that utilizes a complicated optics including a telescope, a relay, and an MDL curved grating. In this project, we must measure the end-to-end efficiency and performance of the optical system. The candidate must have a working
knowledge of how to couple radiation into the optical system and quantitatively measure the instrument response.
•ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING: Each detector technology utilizes a specialized readout integrated circuit (ROICs). The thermopile detector uses a Black Forest Engineering (BFE) 351 and the BIRD uses a SBF193. Initializing, controlling, and reading out data from each ROIC requires an
understanding of proprietary GUI software with corresponding FPGAs and power regulators. The candidate must be an expert in this hardware and will need to continue to widen their knowledge about its use.
•DETECTOR PHYSICS/INSTRUMENT PERFORMANCE: SWAMI has specific performance requirements that demand an understanding of the detector physics so that one can measure and analyze the signal-to-noise in the instrument. Thermopiles are limited by Johnson noise and ROIC
noise while BIRDs are limited by dark current and ROIC noise. The candidate will have have an understanding of how the detectors and ROIC work so that her/she can develop the testing protocols to characterize the performance of the instrument.

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