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Clinical Operations Manager

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Columbus Technologies and Services Inc. is a strategic supplier and business partner to the federal government and its key suppliers.  Through our partnership with the National Institutes of Health, Columbus offers administrative, IT, engineering, scientific, and healthcare professionals the opportunity to work with one of the most prestigious research organizations in the world.  We are currently seeking Clinical Operations Manager to work onsite with the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD.

This is a long-term contract position which offers:
- Competitive salary
- Tremendous growth opportunity
- Opportunity to work at NIH, the world's foremost medical research center
- Learn more about what Columbus can do for you at

Job Description: 
•Develop spreadsheets for tracking budgets; provide summaries to be used to evaluate spending patterns.
•Research and propose strategies to employ qualitative and quantitative methods to analyze and efficiently disseminate clinical financial data.
•Provide comparative projections of financial data and spending plans based on funding levels and other identified factors.
•Employ effective data collection and analysis methods in order to draw budgetary conclusions.
•Monitor and verify accuracy of data; research and analyze records; identify and correct discrepancies.
•Collaborate with staff on budget tracking and protocol management for the clinic.
•Synthesize information from multiple budgetary sources and prepare reports to be used internally or as part of external review committees.
•Work with staff in support of funding clinical protocols and proposal preparation.
•Construct summaries to be used in analyzing of spending projections for new and existing appropriation purposes.
•Review and provide support in the writing of divisional budget proposals for new and existing clinical protocols.
•Serve as Requisitioner-Internal and External in NBS Acquisition and as a Requester in the POTS system.
•Inventory supplies and equipment; prepare and submit training, supply, equipment, service and advertisement orders; coordinate with vendors to obtain quotes and ensure receipt of items.
•Gather, analyze and prepare justifications for administrative requests; input requests into NIH databases.
•Prepare reports to include monthly expenditures, forecasts and staffing allocations.
•Work with staff to manage resources as they relate to ongoing contracts for the NIMH Clinical program.
•Serve as liaison between NIMH clinical staff and other medical centers, physicians and clinical staff.
•Coordinate special clinical projects.
•Maintain office records including office procurement and reimbursement procedures.
•Design and coordinate systems for communications among staff to facilitate the efficient flow of information relating to projects and program activities.
•Read outgoing correspondence for executive level’s approval and alert writers to any conflict with the file or departure from policies or executive level’s viewpoints; make recommendations to resolve problems that might arise.
•In the executive level’s absence ensure that requests for action or information are relayed to the appropriate staff; decide whether executive level should be notified of important or emergency issues.
•Summarize the content of incoming materials, specially gathered information, or meetings to assist executive; coordinate the new information with background office sources; draw attention to important parts or conflicts.
•Coordinate the preparation of a variety of documents on behalf of clinical staff such as travel requests, professional service orders, requests for sponsored travel (Form 348), out-side activities (Form 520), official duty memorandum, training requests, individual/mass mailings, correspondence, reports and various forms.
•Gather and analyze information about processes and programs; prepare reports, letters, and other documents for review and input for programs, policies, and activities.
•Create and format spreadsheets to analyze information.
•Update and develop content for web sites and monitor for currency and accuracy of information.
•Develop, maintain and utilize various clinical databases.
•Work with staff on the creation and management of SharePoint site; monitor information for relevance and accuracy.
•Provide intranet updates and changes.
•Update/maintain shared calendars; manage all appointments, commitments and invitations for clinical staff.
•Schedule workshops and other conferences on behalf of clinical staff.
•Orient new clinical personnel to the laboratory and administrative databases and computer systems.
•Serve as custodian of personal property for assigned areas; maintain records of accountability; oversee property inventory; arrange for disposal of excess property.

Required Skills: 
•Bachelor’s degree in a related discipline. Four (4) years of specialized experience plus a high school diploma is equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree.
•Minimum of four (4) years of experience in a related field.
•Experience with program and protocol management, and budget tracking.
•Knowledge of preparing NIH travel orders using the GovTrip travel system.
•Knowledge of NIH procurement processes.
•Experience with NIH timekeeping system.
•Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (MS Word, Excel, Outlook, Access).
•Strong organizational and time management skills.

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