Enterprise Software Engineer III

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Enterprise Software Engineer III

Roles and responsibilities
Must be a US Citizen or Green Card Holder
Estimated duration of 6 months with the potential for extension or conversion.
W2 with full benefits
Travel required. 
Customer and contract specific training will be required and provided.
Labor Category: Enterprise Software Engineer III

Job Description:
Provide an Enterprise Software Engineer who will be responsible for implementing GraphSearch at the direction of the Project Management Office.  Includes installation and configuration, but not limited to, PoolParty, Graph Search and Graph Database.  Will provide evaluation and development of taxonomy and ontology of content ingestion and auto-tagging and configuration of GraphSearch. 
• Will work with the Engineering Data Graph Initiative, Engineering Data Search Initiative, and Elastic Search teams
• Will integrate Elastic Search with PoolParty and associated RDF triple store
• Will provide a user interface demonstrating semantic capabilities that:
o Acceptance of user input to be used as search criteria, if possible providing:
- Recommendations of taxonomy topics and content results as the user types (search-as-you-type)
- Natural language capabilities when translating the user’s query
o Executes the search
o Responds with “smart” results that may include the following general capabilities:
- Faceted navigation of search results based on a taxonomy and underlying ontology
- “Box” or “Card” display detailing information about the most likely search result, e.g., a search for “Who is the project manager for Mars 2020?” would provide a display area containing information about the Mars 2020 project and its key individuals
- A list of search results  matching search criteria where each search result display provides (if available):
• Key data properties
• Links to related content
• Annotated tags
• Will document Elastic Search, PoolParty, RDF triple store, Unified Views architecture in the form of diagrams and descriptions

Required Skills:
• Must be a US Citizen or Green Card Holder
• Offer contingent on ability to successfully pass a background check and drug screen
• Experience with semantic technologies: RDF triple stores, ontologies, SPARQL; basic Web development: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Web frameworks; ETL (extract, translate, and load) functions; programming languages: JAVA; experience with RESTful APIs; experience with tracking and change management tools such as Jira and Git.  Desired Skills: Familiarity with deploying Web applications; Docker, Stardog. 

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