Engineering Technician (Thermal Vac)

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Engineering Technician (Thermal Vac)

Roles and responsibilities
Must be a US Citizen or Green Card Holder
Estimated duration of 7 months with the potential for extension or conversion.
W2 with full benefits
Customer and contract specific training will be required and provided.
Some travel may be required.
Labor Category: Engineering Technician II

Job Description:
- Train to operate small thermal vacuum and thermal ambient pressure chambers as a setup and operations technician. Will learn about thermal systems powered by pumps that flow liquid nitrogen and nitrogen gas to change processing temperatures.
- Train as operator for 25ft space simulator and operate small environmental chambers controlled with digital and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and or PID (Proportional Integral Differential) control with failsafe electronics.
- Responsible for flight hardware test setup in a thermal vacuum chamber, working with hardware engineers, quality assurance, contamination & thermal engineering following written detailed procedure to complete a successful test; log data, respond to last minute changes or augmentation to the procedure and work in a close environment with peers.
- Ensure the process, product, and environment comply with Laboratory protocols, government regulations, and professional standards.
- Maintain lab to meet JPL safety standards for chemical, welding, soldering, and other safety processes and practices.

Required Skills:
- Must be a US Citizen or Green Card Holder
- Offer contingent on ability to successfully pass a background check and drug screen
- Typically requires a High School diploma with 6 years of related experience; related and required training; Associates with 1 years of related  experience; Related required training.
- Ability to understand and work from standard engineering drawings, schematics, and detailed procedures, and established processes
- Ability to log data in multiple types of media (MS Excel, MS Word, and paper)
- Must have general understanding, and experience in the following areas: use basic hand tools including sockets, wrenches, taps, dies, soldering iron, and knowledge of different types of fasteners use on machinery and equipment
- Familiarity with desktop computers and MS Office programs to perform basic operations such as: web searches in support of procurement of parts and services, email, record-keeping, and web based timekeeping systems
- Demonstrated ability to work with minimal supervision
- Effective communication and interpersonal skills
- Ability to work in a cleanroom environment with the appropriate gloves, hat, booties, and smock in support of flight hardware testing
- Required to be available to work day and night shifts, overtime, weekends, and/or holidays, as needed

Desired Skills:
- Associates degree or trade school certificate in a technology
- Use of programmable logic controlled systems
- Experience with the use of LN2, GN2, and the design, assembly and fabrication or maintenance of pressure systems
- Knowledge and use of leak detectors, electrostatic discharge, cleanroom protocols, handling critical high dollar equipment, and hazard communication
- Knowledge of Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) awareness, Foreign Object Damage (FOD) management, connector mating/de-mating, flight hardware handling, personnel protective equipment, and training for other types of operations relating to testing
- Certification in HVAC systems repair and troubleshooting
- Experience in handling/plumbing of cryogenic liquids and delivery systems, component replacement, the calibration, and repair of helium mass spectrometer leak detectors, experience with the operation or setup of Programmable Logic Control (PLC) type systems
- Knowledge of thermal vacuum test chambers, their operation, and some maintenance
- Fall restraint knowledge and experience
- Use of Helium leak detectors on a vacuum system, cryogenics, and pressure systems
- Knowledge of Electro Static Discharge hazards, hazard communication, cleanroom practices, Job Safety Analysis, lockout/Tagout procedures, and handling of JPL critical flight hardware.

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