Electrical Engineer I

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Electrical Engineer I

Roles and responsibilities
Must be a US Citizen or Green Card Holder
Estimated duration of 9 months with the potential for extension or conversion.
W2 with full benefits
Customer and contract specific training will be required and provided.
Labor Category: Electrical Engineer I

Job Description:
Support board and box level testing of the Europa Compute Element (ECE) Bulk Data Storage (BDS) assembly which consists of 5 FPGAs spread out across 2 boards. The Europa BDS assembly features FPGA designs and interfaces of unprecedented complexity and requires significant effort with respect to verification and validation. Specific duties and responsibilities are listed below:
- Develop hardware test scripts using the TCL scripting language to thoroughly verify and validate (VnV) the BDS design per an official VnV matrix which outlines all test cases.
- Integrate the Europa BDS BTE (Bench Test Equipment), which simulates flight interfaces to the BDS, into VnV test scripts as required.
- Modify and/or develop C code Test Software routines, as required, for a VxWorks Kernel that runs on a cPCI Single Board Computer resident in the ECE test chassis.
- Modify/debug the TCL Test Framework (TTF) environment, which allows TCL scripts to communicate with the VxWorks Kernel, as required.
- Provide on-lab hardware troubleshooting support which includes scope measurements, PCI Bus Analyzer captures, DMM measurements, loading FPGA drops, etc., (if willing to report to JPL) as required.
- Generate detailed hardware anomaly reports using the project reporting tool (JIRA) for any issues encountered during testing.
- Using the BDS FPGA Specifications and other relevant documentation, modify or add test cases to the VnV matrix as required.
- Provide feedback (errors, ambiguities, lack of detail, etc.) for all documentation used to develop test scripts (FPGA Specifications, VnV Matrix, etc.).

Required Skills:
- Must be a US Citizen or Green Card Holder
- Offer contingent on ability to successfully pass a background check and drug screen
- Experience with complex and large scale analog and digital electronic design with FPGAs
- Experience with Electronic test equipment such as power supplies, oscilloscopes, DMM meters …
- Experience with software development in C and TCL language
- Good communication (verbal and written) skill
- Ability to work effectively in a team environment

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